Attorney Profile

  Wayne A. Kenas, Attorney at Law

Mr. Kenas practices in the area of employment civil rights. He has litigated cases in the areas of employment drug and alcohol testing, minimum wage/overtime, unemployment benefits, whistleblower, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, age discrimination, sexual orientation, disability discrimination, and breach of employment contract. He practices in both federal and state courts.

He holds both a Master of Arts degree (1974) and a Juris Doctor degree (1976) from the University of Mississippi. Mr. Kenas served as Assistant Commonwealth Attorney in the state of Virginia. He also taught at the University of Southern California School of Business. Mr. Kenas is licensed to practice law in Minnesota, Virginia, and Mississippi. He is past president of the Minnesota chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association, and former co-chair of the Technology Committee of the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association and a member the Minnesota State Bar.

In addition to practicing law, Mr. Kenas has consulted with a number of law firms in the design, production and presentation of computer trial graphics.

He is a frequent, CLE speaker. Wayne has presented lectures for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA), Georgetown Law Center CLE, National Practice Institute, Minnesota State Bar Association, Minnesota CLE, the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, National Employment Lawyers Association, the National Organization of Labor Employment Attorneys, American Bar Association, Iowa State Bar Association, Minnesota Attorney Generalís Office, and the Metropolitan Washington DC Employment Lawyers Association.


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